#9. Just Another Christmas Performance

……………without Christmas Music.

It was great to actually be able to perform for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at York college  we had fun.

I normally play Blue Bossa Jazzy, but this was different for me since I was just a sub for the other person who normally play on keys so I was struggling a little bit.

We also played “Are you that Somebody” by Aaliyah

We got this guy to freestyle over In a sentimental mood it was fire.

I call this one freestyle because Its pure freestyle we made this one up on the spot.

Toast by Koffee

#8. Just a class recital

If you ever wanted to learn how to play piano, it’s actually a 1 credit class right here  at York college.  Mus 141 Piano 1 and Music 241 Piano 2 they can be taken as co-requisite, but they both are worth 1 credit each.

Also there is private lesson Mus 186 where you get to learn a instrument that is offered,and you get to perform with it in a workshop class(mus 187) which is also a class you get 1 credit for that meets 1 hr every week.  and if its a piano private lesson class you get put in the Mus 141/241 class recital.

If you’re interesting in taking any of these courses sign up they are offer every semester. The timing of the piano class vary, but you get to choose the time for the private lesson.

This semester I took both Mus 241 and Mus 186 private lesson, learning the piano in both of them. Since I was in both classes I had the choice to performing 3 pieces  2 that I learned in the class and 1 could be whatever.

It took me a while to learn this piece because the fingering was a little difficult and of course it classical piece. It may sound very simple, but I was way too busy to actually find time to practice this so it took longer that it suppose to.

I normally play this one with a band but I did it solo since i learned it in the class. I am actually tired of this sound its been over played this semester.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do for my 3rd, I actually came up with this one on the spot.



#7. Static

This is one of my favorite track I made

I made it using garage band the only problem I have about it

That its mostly made up of apple loops so its not fully my creation

but I still like it, and I felt like sharing it

I call this track Static. I just name all of them whatever i’m thinking of when it is down.

Since i’m taking about using garage band I also made this it’s was me just having fun messing around with the app on my phone.

I actually program the drums on this.

I hope you like them both


#6. I Probably Shouldn’t be Sharing This

I Probably Shouldn’t be Sharing this without her permission.

Well this is part of my production class final where we had to use logic to make something and since my classmate and I was already working on this song for our Jazz class we decided to record it.

Yes, we recorded this live and on the spot too we only did too takes and will I added the organ afterwards even though the original is good on its own I wanted more flavor to it.

this is not the final again but, this is on version. I also bounced it with out the upright bass that I added so yeah

I tried to add some drums but i suck at that, I will learn, but right now i’m not that good.

I’m on keys on of course and Deggra is the singer on vocals

It’s always a privilege  to always work with here

she has been featured on some track before click here to see


#5. York College Master Class Part 2

York College Music Program Lecture+Masterclass Series continued with   singer-songwriter Toni Ann Semple back in November.

I went and I learned a lot about the music industry and about this interesting website call Sofarsounds.com you should check it out if you are an artist looking to perform and get your sound out there.

Toni Ann Semple is an electrifying singer, dynamic songwriter, a consummate professional and a composer who has successfully combine contemporary world music with her Native American rhythms and musical instrumentation to create such commercial songs as I Don’t Wanna Talk About ItFor MeSummer Breeze, and Sit Back and Relax.

Toni Ann Semple’s songs are not only playing in rotation in the United States on such radio stations as 98.7 Kiss FM New York and others, but also in the United Kingdom, Germany and around the world.

I didn’t perform for this one because this was about the producing aspect of music but other people did come out and play some of the music they produce

Ms. Semple has some really interesting tunes and the cool part they all were recorded live in the studio.

If you are interested in this type of music and want to learn more about her

just check click here

I was’t ready for the pic by the way.

That’s some of the people who came out and wanted to take the picture.

The York College Music Program Lecture+Masterclass Series will probably continue next semester again its open to everyone at York and  Cuny so come through


#4. Tell me if you like it

So, i’m studying Music with a concentration in production, and this semester I took  my first production class.

I learn how to use some basic function in logic that allowed me to make the recording above.

Below is a screenshot of the MIDI file

MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIDI is a device that doesn’t make any  sound on its own but when is connected to a software it can.

I used about 9 different software instruments to make this recording

so, yes I had to play the song the same amount of times

MIDI file aren’t audio file so I can change them over and over to what ever instrument I want to it to be.

So I hope you listen

Tell me if you like it.

#3. Am I Famous Yet?

Am I famous Yet? No, but least a few people who actually read this article probably know my name now.

Its not everyday you get to see yourself in the newspaper and i’m surprise they used the picture of me in there as the cover for this article. Even though they were three of us who perform for class.

This was the York College Lecture+Masterclass Series which is ongoing, it features a professional musician or an artist who comes and share their experience with us and this is open to everyone not only music majors.

The MasterClass kicked off with  pianist and composer, Aruán Ortiz who is pretty well known. He a jazz musician  and composer of course  You could click link to find out more about him.

I really learned a lot from this class and I do try to apply what I learn from him to my own playing.

If you are interested the  next masterclass will be  hosted on November 21st, and it will  feature singer and songwriter Toni-Ann Semple. So you could come through if you know her or not.

again its free and open to all.

Also if you want to read the article just click here.


#2. Just Wanted To Share

Just wanted to share this

This was my first semester at York college which was last semester.

that was a part of my piano recital.

This was my first recital I ever did in my life  by the way.

I have the whole video but I like the ending beside the rest is kind of a mess so I will only show a snippet.

The piece  I played was  ” A River Flow In You” by Yiruma , its a really nice piece.

I love it. it sad and nice.

And it appeals to your emotions. Trust me.

I’m going to add a audio track of me playing  it in full you could listen to it if you like.

I’m out of practice but I tried my best.

You should listen to it.

I hope you could feel it. 


#1. Check me out

What other way to start my first blog post on my own website by not talking about me?

First a little info about me:

My major is music with a concentration in  produce,  but I do like to keep active in my music playing skills so I take some performance classes along the way to do my music degree even though its not require for me.

This is  a performance I had to do for my  music workshop class and we sound good so I thought I’ll share it with the world some more since it was already on Facebook live.

I’m not the saxophonist or the bass guitarist or even the drummer

You guessed it ! i’m the pianist.

Hope you enjoy it, we had fun playing together.

I’m on the keys, Joe on the Sax,  Leonna on the Bass, and last but now least we have Alex on the Drums laying that beat down for us.