#3. Am I Famous Yet?

Am I famous Yet? No, but least a few people who actually read this article probably know my name now.

Its not everyday you get to see yourself in the newspaper and i’m surprise they used the picture of me in there as the cover for this article. Even though they were three of us who perform for class.

This was the York College Lecture+Masterclass Series which is ongoing, it features a professional musician or an artist who comes and share their experience with us and this is open to everyone not only music majors.

The MasterClass kicked off with  pianist and composer, Aruán Ortiz who is pretty well known. He a jazz musician  and composer of course  You could click link to find out more about him.

I really learned a lot from this class and I do try to apply what I learn from him to my own playing.

If you are interested the  next masterclass will be  hosted on November 21st, and it will  feature singer and songwriter Toni-Ann Semple. So you could come through if you know her or not.

again its free and open to all.

Also if you want to read the article just click here.


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