#1. Check me out

What other way to start my first blog post on my own website by not talking about me?

First a little info about me:

My major is music with a concentration in  produce,  but I do like to keep active in my music playing skills so I take some performance classes along the way to do my music degree even though its not require for me.

This is  a performance I had to do for my  music workshop class and we sound good so I thought I’ll share it with the world some more since it was already on Facebook live.

I’m not the saxophonist or the bass guitarist or even the drummer

You guessed it ! i’m the pianist.

Hope you enjoy it, we had fun playing together.

I’m on the keys, Joe on the Sax,  Leonna on the Bass, and last but now least we have Alex on the Drums laying that beat down for us.


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