#6. I Probably Shouldn’t be Sharing This

I Probably Shouldn’t be Sharing this without her permission.

Well this is part of my production class final where we had to use logic to make something and since my classmate and I was already working on this song for our Jazz class we decided to record it.

Yes, we recorded this live and on the spot too we only did too takes and will I added the organ afterwards even though the original is good on its own I wanted more flavor to it.

this is not the final again but, this is on version. I also bounced it with out the upright bass that I added so yeah

I tried to add some drums but i suck at that, I will learn, but right now i’m not that good.

I’m on keys on of course and Deggra is the singer on vocals

It’s always a privilege¬† to always work with here

she has been featured on some track before click here to see


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