#8. Just a class recital

If you ever wanted to learn how to play piano, it’s actually a 1 credit class right here  at York college.  Mus 141 Piano 1 and Music 241 Piano 2 they can be taken as co-requisite, but they both are worth 1 credit each.

Also there is private lesson Mus 186 where you get to learn a instrument that is offered,and you get to perform with it in a workshop class(mus 187) which is also a class you get 1 credit for that meets 1 hr every week.  and if its a piano private lesson class you get put in the Mus 141/241 class recital.

If you’re interesting in taking any of these courses sign up they are offer every semester. The timing of the piano class vary, but you get to choose the time for the private lesson.

This semester I took both Mus 241 and Mus 186 private lesson, learning the piano in both of them. Since I was in both classes I had the choice to performing 3 pieces  2 that I learned in the class and 1 could be whatever.

It took me a while to learn this piece because the fingering was a little difficult and of course it classical piece. It may sound very simple, but I was way too busy to actually find time to practice this so it took longer that it suppose to.

I normally play this one with a band but I did it solo since i learned it in the class. I am actually tired of this sound its been over played this semester.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do for my 3rd, I actually came up with this one on the spot.



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